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The transformation of the economic model of cooperatives is a necessity that has accelerated today. Indeed, the traditional forms of interaction with members have become obsolete and unprofitable. Faced with this situation, EBS has spent years building alternatives capable of satisfying all areas of this type of entity.

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Non-profit organizations


Today, an Employees' Fund is a non-profit, private law partnership, composed primarily of salaried workers, in which the partners are both contributors and managers of the enterprise, created to serve the needs of its partners and the community at large. This form of association is specific to Colombia.

The employee funds are organizations with their own needs. This form of association, while a virtue, also presents significant challenges.

That's why, at EBS, we've been working for years to better understand the challenges faced by this sector of the economy.


Today, we have several solutions that are 100% guaranteed. 

Groupe de soutien

Mutuals associations

Mutuals associations are in themselves a driving force in the economy. They are non-profit organizations, freely constituted by a group of people to help each other in the face of possible risks or to provide services in exchange for a periodic contribution. These associations are very present in Latin America. In the face of the current crisis, the solidarity model is a real solution, as it not only allows to organize and promote development among peers, but also to provide advanced techniques and procedures.

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According to the Cooperative Identity Statement, adopted in Manchester, England on September 23, 1995 by the ICA, a cooperative is:

"(...) an autonomous association of persons who have come together voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise (...)".

At EBS, we are aware of the particularity of the cooperative sector for which we have built specialized cooperative solutions.







A workers' fund is an associative enterprise of dependent and subordinate workers who voluntarily decide to organize themselves to provide services and obtain benefits. The constitution of this type of organization can be done by private act, without the need for a public act before a notary. It is sufficient to draw up a deed signed by all the founding worker-members. 

However, when choosing to create or join an employee fund, there are several aspects to consider before and during this process. Indeed, given the complexity that the administration of resources and information can acquire, it is necessary to implement the best strategies that allow a simple and adequate management of all these elements. 

At EBS, we have been working for more than 30 years with this type of entities and we have managed to create technological solutions that fit perfectly. 



Between 1750 and 1770 the world's first modern cooperative was formed, the Ampelakia Common Company (Greece), an organization of cotton growers and red yarn producers in the same area who decided to join together, to avoid unnecessary rivalry and competition.

This first mutual grew into a large company, with 6,000 members, 24 factories and 17 branches throughout Europe, from St. Petersburg and London to Smyrna. This model of association was short-lived for 30 years but allowed its members to benefit from social insurance, health facilities, schools, libraries and even led to the creation of a university.


From then on, this phenomenon was reproduced all over Europe and migrated to the new continent. Mutual societies are founded on the principles of solidarity and mutual aid among their members, who in turn are members and active players in the company.

At EBS we have been working for years to better understand the difficulties faced by this sector of the economy. Today we can say that we have become experts and that our solutions respond to the current needs of this type of organizations. 


Together we will take your organization to the next level!

Our solutions

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Financial CORE

The CYGNUS platform provides a complete set of technological solutions, thanks to its financial DNA...

Person in charge of 

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Alejandra Daza

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Credit management.

Manage and administer any credit application in an agile and secure way, in less than 5 minutes...

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Deinna Muete




Technological solution that supports the digital transition process of small and medium-sized businesses...

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Jhon Susa

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Digital affiliation

Linking process

Digital linking for associates will enable your organization to increase the value you deliver to your customers by removing access and travel barriers.

Person in charge of 

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Sandra Gomez

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Experts in Mobile and WEB solutions

Consulting firm specialized in entity development strategies with a large client base... 

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Fernando Cortez

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Election process for governing entities.

Electoral platform able to operate at any time and from any location...

Person in charge of 

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Alejandra Daza



Your entity in a single click.

Inntegra is the platform that gives members the ability to use all the entity's services from any mobile device.

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Sandra Gomez



Digital fingerprint

It is a practical and secure tool to corroborate the identity of customers or associates through the virtual fingerprint provided by bigDATA in a fast and secure way.

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Specialized consulting platform.

Platform that identifies, measures, monitors and mitigates the organization's financial risks...

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Yineth Arroyo

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Immaterial payments

Solution through which organizations can perform the signature and validation of a payment in a 100% Digital way.

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Deinna Muete

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Asamblea Digital

Virtual representative structure

Technological tool designed to assist the decision making process of the entities in a virtual way.

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Deinna Muete

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Service Management

AQUA's management system allows the client to easily use all services related to the stay, as well as to control and invoice them.

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Alejandra Daza