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About us

General introduction

We are a colombian company pioneer in the integration of software technology. 

Our team

We have an interdisciplinary team, passionate and professional, but above all committed to the objectives we have set ourselves.

Our values

We are convinced that values only make sense if they are translated into action. For this reason, throughout these years...

Our achievements

Since the beginning of our entrepreneurial path (1992), the mix of talents has marked our trajectory. Today, we have achieved many goals, but our greatest success is undoubtedly the internationalization of our know-how.

  • Operating in 9 countries

  • 29 years of experience

  •  More than 200 Customers

  • over 500 Successful Projects

  •  More than 80 Products

  •  More than 50 partners


  • Financial technology (FinTech)

Together we will lead your organization to the next level, 100% digital!

General introduction



We are a Colombian company, pioneer in the integration of software technology.

We develop solutions according to the needs of your entity, creating completely customized platforms, with mobile and WEB components, cooperative financial cores, banking financial cores, digitization of processes through digital pathways, and above all, solutions centered on the experience of our client.


Our team of professionals

Our Values

Throughout these years, our projects and objectives have made sense thanks to the contribution of our collaborators and clients. If we exist, it is thanks to the support we have found in each of them, for this reason we want to highlight the values that have marked our trajectory. 


Una persona respetuosa es sinónimo de una persona en armonía con su entorno social, dirigirse de forma respetuosa a otro, no solo es dirigirse de forma correcta si no demostrar su aprecio o reconocimiento por esta. 


Es evidente que a lo largo de cualquier proyecto empresarial surgirán obstáculos pero la constancia es una apuesta a largo plazo en la que el esfuerzo y la esperanza dan sus frutos.


La sabiduría es una facultad inestimable, en ella convergen experiencia e inteligencia. Sin la una o la otra difícilmente podremos hacer uso correcto de nuestra tecnología.


Aunque por definición la excelencia es un estado inalcanzable, en EBS nunca hemos dejado de intentarlo. Nuestro deseo es que todos nuestros miembros nos ayuden a superarnos día a día.


Agradecer es tan simple y a la vez tan complejo que no podemos pasar por alto este valor. En EBS agradecemos a quienes nos han apoyado pero también a quienes simplemente estuvieron allí.

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Enterprise Business Solutions EBS S.A.S. was born 10 years ago with the purpose of strengthening the technological innovation process of the EBS Ethos CORP group. Its purpose is to provide software solutions within the corporate, business and financial sectors.


To be the best ally that seeks the maximum benefit of our customers by creating practical, innovative, scalable, secure and flexible solutions, leading organizations towards a true digital transformation.


In 2026, Enterprise Business Solutions EBS S.A.S will be recognized as the leading company in providing advanced digital solutions, integrating innovative, reliable technologies and the best user experience for the corporate, business and financial sectors in Latin America, with more than 1,000 clients in operation.



2021 Market Expansion

The year 2021 was an important moment of expansion for our company: we managed to sell our solutions to three different countries (Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras).

(2019) TRAVAIL partnership

Creation of an alliance and obtaining the MIT PRICE, HULT, PRICE, EMERGE PRICE and BPI (software good practice certification) recognitions. 


This year we obtained an IT MARK certification and for the second time we were finalists for the INGENIO award, thanks to our CORE LIMEN.

PANAMA (2015)

We joined Panama in 2015 after signing a commercial contract with the CACSA cooperative.


Seminar with the Universidad del Rosario on the export of technology companies. 

(2009) Family protocol

Given the governance challenges faced by companies, it was decided this year to implement what is termed the "family protocol".


Members of the Colombian Federation of the Software and Related Information Technology Industry.

(2005) Opening of the company to the international market

We made our first international sale in Lima, Peru, where we started our internationalization process.


We have overcome the superstitions of the millennium and the Y2K problem.

Creation of the company ETHOS SOFTWARE (1998)

Reinventing Ethos, opening up to new markets and creating new products.

(1996) Departmental jump  

Marketing opportunity for our CORE in the city of Santiago, department of Valle del Cauca.

First participation in COMPUEXPO (1994)

First participation in the most important technological fair of the country, COMPUEXPO.


We won the Yunnis award thanks to our partnership with TRAVAIL, and are again finalists for the INGENIO award thanks to our CORE INNTEGRA.

ISO 29110 Quality Standard (2018)

Obtained ISO 29110 certification and participation in the InnovaCluster augmented reality, virtual reality program.

(2016) INGENIO award

We were honored by the FEDESOFT Board of Directors for the first time with our CORE CYGNUS.


In our quest to go further, we managed to make a sale to the executive committee of the SW KARION Cluster in Costa Rica.


After participating in the program of the Chamber of Commerce, which is called "Luces, Cámara, Acción" (Light, Camera, Action), we created the Innovation Area.

USA PROGRAM 2009-2012

Exploration and research process of the American market.


Integration into the Gupta Centura development program. Training, marketing and alliance with Unify Corporation USA.

(2003) Module Growth

In order to cover the needs of the different sectors, we have created a service structure with over 60 modules.


After our first 6 years of work, we launched our first graphical version of SIMCO PLUS business CORE.

 (1997) BAAN-IDEA

First technological project outside the cooperative sector with IDEA (Antioquia's development institute). 

(1993-1996) COINFORMATICA 

Recognizing the importance of technology in the cooperative sector, an alliance was formed to commercialize CORE SIMCO. 

(1993) First two customers

In just one year, our company was able to mature its business model and secure its first two customers, two cooperatives, who were willing to work for the technological innovation of their organization.

Creation of the company Ethos (1992)

During their university studies, a group of young people decided to create their first software company for life.




Founded between 1968 and 1969, Coopemep is one of the largest cooperatives in Costa Rica.

Through our work together, we have experimented with our CYGNUS technology and it is currently the main activity that allows us to serve more than 20,000 members in almost 17 offices through our CYGNUS CORE. 


For the self-financing activity "Plan Rombo" of Renault-Sofasa, in Colombia, we developed 30 CORE and RISK solutions, securing all the financial processes of this organization (Savings, drawings, allocations, credit, portfolio and ERP accounting).


Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Antonio, R.L. is one of the most important cooperatives in Panama.

We had the opportunity to work hand in hand with this organization and together we managed to implement the best version of our CORE CYGNUS, which currently is used for all their operations.